We are a group of people who believe it is deeply unjust that our economic system leaves so many with so little. It is our responsibility to repair this injustice. While we can’t change our entire economy, we can change how we relate to others within this broader structure. Specifically, we can create networks of mutual aid that support people based upon their need rather than what value they are able to create for others.

To this end, we have set up a mutual aid fund that provides unconditional cash transfers to people in need. We currently give recipients $500 per month for 6 months.

Join us

Why mutual aid?

While capitalism has generated large amounts of wealth, it overwhelmingly flows to those who need it least: people born into well-off families, those who benefit from systems of racial oppression, people who are able-bodied, etc. Meanwhile, those who don’t benefit from these systems are often left without the resources they need to live the lives they deserve.

As people who benefit from the status quo, we believe that it is our responsibility to repair this injustice. Please consider joining us by pledging to redistribute some money every month to help those who suffer under our current economic system.

About the project

We are currently disbursing a combined $2,000 every month to 4 recipients and have transferred a total of $35,000 to 18 people in need.

Recipients are either referred to the organizing committee or were found seeking assistance online (e.g., on GoFundMe). We prioritize people who have not already received support.

We maintain a small balance of undisbursed funds to cover missed monthly contributions and one-time transfers for unforeseen emergencies. All contributions will ultimately be disbursed to recipients.

A response from one recipient:

“Thank you so much I really needed this and I will definitely let you know when I am back on my feet bless you so much you don’t know how much I appreciate you and whoever is helping”

How to give

To minimize administrative hassle, we ask that participants make a single contribution to fund six months of transfer payments. Monthly contributions will be accepted upon special request.

If you are interested in contributing, please fill out this Google Form and we will get in touch with you shortly. Please direct any questions to 6monthmutualaid@gmail.com.